ebony oil and gas limited

Based in Ghana, Ebony Oil & Gas Limited (EOGL) is a privately registered company with a Bulk Distribution License focused on the physical trading of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

Company Profile

Ebony Oil & Gas limited is a Bulk Distribution Company (BDC) licensed by the National Petroleum Authority, to import and export refined petroleum products to Oil Marketing Companies as well as other BDCs. Ebony has also acquired a Petroleum Export License that allows it to export finished petroleum products ,particularly to  Burkina Faso and Mali. It has an upstream supply services permit to extend its petroleum distribution services upstream.

Ebony Oil & Gas Limited (Ebony), works towards one clear vision; to be the downstream oil and gas Company of choice, consistently and safely delivering excellent energy solutions. This vision underscores its quest not only to deliver value to shareholders, but to consciously recruit, train and retain the best workforce.

Ebony started operations in Ghana in April 2011, and over the years, has gained reputation as the most reliable and efficient supplier of refined petroleum products. Through strategic partnerships with key storage tank farm operators, including Tema Oil Refinery, Ebony boasts of reliable access to storage that supports its distribution of a minimum of 240,000 metric tonnes of petroleum products annually.

Ebony continues to achieve excellence with key financial institutions; it has a good working relationship with each of our financing stakeholders which ensures a robust financing strength. Also, our team of dynamic, qualified and experienced staff, together with our key stakeholders such as OVH Energy, have contributed largely to the successes we have achieved over the years; having distributed in excess of three (3) million metric tonnes of refined petroleum products since 2011. These strides are the reasons for the exponential growth we are characterised with.

 Ebony is classed among the leading distributors of Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK) in Ghana. Altogether, it has consistently been among the top 5 BDCs in terms of market share, supplying more than 10% of the national consumption of petroleum products through its distribution channels since its inception. Ebony received Best Performing BDC of the year awards in 2015 awarded separately by both GOGA and OGGA.

In the future, Ebony oil & Gas limited is looking to expand its horizons by exploring new business opportunities, leveraging on the collective rich and extensive experiences of our workforce and strategic partners, to gain dominance in the petroleum industry. Our next growth frontier is offshore bunkering among many others.




To be the downstream oil and gas company of choice, consistently and safely delivering , excellent energy solutions.



Building a customer -centric organisation by operating to the highest safety standards and delivering outstanding value to our shareholders.

  • Customer - Focused
    ebony oil and gas limited

     “Our goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary”

  • Ownership
    ebony oil and gas limited

    Ownership is given the highest priority because it allows employees to operate in a responsible manner.

  • Teamwork
    ebony oil and gas limited

    "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

  • Saftey
    ebony oil and gas limited

    We instil commitment and importance, that each team member performs their duties safely and watches out for their co-worker

  • Integrity
    ebony oil and gas limited

    Having a high level of integrity is one of the most important characteristics we possess. It is a consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectation and outcome which govern our organisation.